10 Fat-Burning Foods to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Yes, you can totally eat your way to weight loss. Nutrition is a fundamental part of losing weight, and there are certain foods that can help you shed pounds. “The key to sustained weight loss is to boost your metabolism and incorporate foods that help. So what kind of foods can do this?

“The best and healthiest foods for weight loss are naturally high in fiber and water, and naturally low or moderately low in calorie density. Another important factor, the less processed the food, the better for burning fat. From fruits and veggies to pasta and chocolate (no, that is not a typo!).

Here are 10 fat-burning foods that will help you eat your way to a slimmer body.

1. Grapefruit

“Grapefruit is a very low-calorie density food, so people feel they can fill up on one as an appropriate snack,”. It’s also high in antioxidants including vitamin C and beta-carotene to support healthy immune system function. Plus, it has a ton of fiber at three grams per fruit.

Per grapefruit: 74 cal, 0.25 g fat, 18.45 g carbs, 0 mg sodium, 2.7 g fiber, 1.35 g protein

2. Tamarind

Also known as Garcinia Cambogia, tamarind is an exotic fruit found growing in pods on a leguminous tree. It’s commonly used in Asian cuisines and makes a delicious, sweet paste that’s used as a base for curries.

Tamarind is abundant in a number of essential nutrients including thiamin, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

The rind of the tamarind fruit contains a potent compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

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It’s understood that HCA blocks an enzyme responsible for turning sugars and starches into fat.

While studies are still in their infancy, it suggests tamarind may support healthy glucose metabolism and help to prevent your body from storing fat.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Who knew there was a connection between a spicy pepper scorching your mouth and burning your belly fat? Scientists did! According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, daily consumption of one of the compounds found in pepper (capsaicin) speeds up abdominal fat loss by boosting the body’s ability to convert food into energy. It also acts as a natural appetite suppressant: men who ate spicy appetizers consumed 200 fewer calories at later meals than those that did not, a study by Canadian researchers found. All you have to do to reap the benefits is use a pinch of cayenne pepper to season grilled fish, meats, and eggs.

4. Bananas

Starting your day with a banana could be great news for your metabolism, thanks to all the potassium they contain. “Potassium helps your body regulate minerals and fluids in and out of your cells and may potentially increase basal metabolism, a measure of calories burned at rest while awake

5. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

It’s a great source of caffeine, which can enhance mood and improve mental and physical performance.

Moreover, it can help you burn fat.

In a small study including nine people, those who took caffeine an hour before exercise burned nearly twice as much fat and were able to exercise 17% longer than the non-caffeine group.

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Research has shown that caffeine increases metabolic rate by an impressive 3–13%, depending on the amount consumed and individual response.

In one study, people took 100 mg of caffeine every two hours for 12 hours. Lean adults burned an average of 150 extra calories and formerly obese adults burned 79 extra calories during the study time period.

To get the fat-burning benefits of caffeine without the potential side effects, such as anxiousness or insomnia, aim for 100–400 mg per day. This is the amount found in about 1–4 cups of coffee, depending on its strength.

6. Cinnamon

The active ingredient in cinnamon makes fat cells significantly more responsive to insulin, upping your metabolism by 20 percent. It can also help stabilize blood-sugar levels. Hint: Add the fat-burning spice to a bowl of oatmeal, a heart-healthy food that helps give you extra energy and keeps hunger in check.

7. Eggs

High-protein breakfasts, especially ones that include eggs, have been linked to weight loss, reducing belly fat in the process. Add eggs to salads, stir-frys, and sautés, or pair them with 100% whole-grain toast and veggies for a hearty breakfast.

8. Avocado

If you want to lose fat, don’t eat it, right? Wrong. With it’s high levels of healthy monounsaturated fats, the avocado is more ‘fat’ than fruit which makes it a perfect dietary staple for weight loss. Eating quarter or half an avocado can quell hunger pangs, help you feel more satisfied and even help spot-reduce belly fat, too.

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Almost always in season, avocados make great substitutes for cheese and butter. Add to breads and wholegrain rye crackers before adding lean meats, tinned fish and cucumber slices for a quick and easy snack. They’re also perfect additions to salads or equally delicious eaten raw.

Nutrients: Complex Healthy fats, Protein, Fibre & Essential vitamins & minerals.

9. Almonds

Almonds keep your stomach full for a long time, and they are good fats that do not add to your calories. They are a good source of nutrients to burn fat for vegetarians. They are also rich in omega-3s that increase energy and metabolism.

10. Fatty Fish

It may seem a bit counterintuitive to eat fatty foods to burn body fat, but it all depends on the types of fat you eat. Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, or sardines, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In particular, these fish contain DHA and EPA, two types of omega-3 fatty acids with excellent fat-burning powers. To ensure you get enough of these beneficial nutrients, aim to eat at least two or three servings of fatty fish per day. Taking fish oil pills is another good way to get these beneficial fatty acids into your diet.10 Fat-Burning Foods to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss