6 Workouts To Quickly Eliminate Belly Fat Without Crunches

6 Workouts To Quickly Eliminate Belly Fat Without Crunches

The stomach is one of the most troublesome zones for most women. The passive way of life, stress and the consumption of unhealthy foods are the main culprits for having belly fat. Strengthening and shaping the middle part of the body is a great fitness challenge. Ordinary stomach exercises are far from enough to make you proud with a flat and strong belly.

Abs exercises should be part of any fitness program. But in order to shape the abdominal muscles, you should not only do standard abdominal exercises like crunches, but you have to do exercises for the whole torso. Here are some exercises that will help you achieve this.

Pushup burpees

This full-body exercise really engages your core, strengthening your abs. Begin by standing with your feet apart at a hip-distance. Do a deep squat and bring your hands on the floor at a shoulder-width. Activating your abs, jump back into plank position.

Make sure the hips don’t drop otherwise the exercise won’t have its full effect. Then jump your feet back into deep squat and jump back up. Do 10-15 pushup burpees.

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Windmill is a total-body exercise that seriously works the core—mainly the obliques, since you cinch your waist while doing the exercise. Stand with your feet a bit wider than the hips with the knees slightly bent. Extend your right arm, holding a dumbbell with the weight behind the wrist, towards the ceiling.

Activate the abs and reach the left hand to the inside of your left thigh, looking up towards the right hand. Hinge at the hips, lowering your torso and bending the left knee to touch the ground, extending the right over your shoulder. Do the same with the left arm and do 15 repetitions.

Twisting mountain climbers

This is a great exercise for the obliques. Place your hands on the floor. Try to stack the wrists under the shoulders. Put your toes on the floor like in plank position. Engaging your core, pull the right knee to the left side, practically twisting the body. This should be a slower movement to really activate the abs. Do this exercise for about 30 to 60 seconds.

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Renegade rows

Renegade row, developed is one of the most effective abdominal exercises. That’s because this exercise forces you to use the main function of your stomach muscles – stabilization. Start in a full plank position with dumbbells in your hands, arms extended, and on your toes.

Engage the abs by drawing your belly inward towards the spine. Pull the right dumbbell upwards toward the right hip bone maintaining the weight close to your side. Slowly return the leg on the floor and do the same with the left dumbbell. Do 20 repetitions switching the sides.

Military planks

This exercise will also tone your arms, but the primary effect is on the abs. Start in a plank position on the elbows with your feet apart at a shoulder-width. Starting with your right side, lift your elbow and place the hand where the elbow was.

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Press the right arm in order to raise into full plank position and straighten your left arm. Then, lower down on the elbows by putting your right elbow in the place on the hand, and follow with your left arm. Do 10 repetitions with the right arm, and then switch and do 10 repetitions with the left.

Leg lowers

Lie with the back flat on the ground and the legs extended in front of you. Put your hands by the sides. As you keep the legs extended, with your knees slightly bent raise your leg until it makes a 90-degree angle with the floor. Alternate the legs while the other lies extended in the beginning position. Do 10-15 repetitions.