”Tabata” Is A 4 Minute Exercise That Burns Fat Like Crazy

”Tabata” Is A 4 Minute Exercise That Burns Fat Like Crazy

We all know that working out and visiting the gym may be quite impractical, especially if you are a mother of little children. However, there are different workouts that can be done in your home and one of them is the Tabata workout, which is the best when it comes to working out at the home.

What is Tabata Workout?

First you should know that it is very intensive workout and even though is completed in few minutes it is awesome and it is ideal for people who do not have much time, but still want to be in a good shape.

You should note that people who have a condition that stops them from getting a strenuous exercise should avoid Tabata, before they consult with their doctor.

Can Tabata be ideal for mothers?

All of us are busy and it takes some time to make healthy meals on a daily basis and it takes time to prepare healthy products for cleaning and have a regular beauty routine and all in all it is difficult to have a healthy wellness lifestyle.

However, it is important to be fit and that is the main reason why Tabata is ideal. It takes only few minutes and you will have a great workout.

Tabata definition

It is made of 3 steps:

– 1st: hard sprinting for 20 seconds.
– 2nd: 10 seconds rest.
– 3rd: Do this for total of 4 minutes (you will need six to eight rounds)

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That is all. It might sound simple, but once you try it you may change our opinion.

It was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata from Japan. It was discovered that Tabata exercise can be better than other exercises. There was a study in 1996 which was made by the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, where Dr. Tabata along with his colleagues researched 2 groups of athletes. The first group performed medium-intensity exercise for a longer period of time and he second made exercises with high intensity for shorter period of time.

The groups were observed for 6 weeks, and once they were over, it was discovered that the group with the low intensity workouts improved their aerobic capacity by 9.5, their anaerobic capacity by 0%, and the other group raised their aerobic capacity by 14% and their anaerobic capacity by 28%.

The group that performed high intensity workouts had improvement in their oxygen utilization and lung capacity and the one with the low intensity had minimal improvement. This showed the benefits of having short and high intensity workouts.

Training for tabata: how-to

This regimen was mainly made for elite athletes for improving their athletic performance. So if you are an average athlete – you have to do things slowly at first.

At the beginning do some easy interval training:

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• Start with longer and less intense sprints, and have long recovery time between sessions.
• First do not do 20 seconds between.
• Increase intensity on every few days, and short your breaks.
• Begin with a few minutes and continue with 4 minutes, couple of times weekly.

5 amazing benefits of the Tabata workout

1. It will burn fat

Doing intense cardio will burn calories and it will melt the away fat. However, it will affect the processing of glucose, which is great helper to belly fat. In one study it was discovered that doing a lot of moderate to intense exercises can be efficient for improvement of the tolerance of glucose. By doing high intensity workout you can help your body to process sugars easily.

2. It will build muscle

It is amazing for building and toning your muscles.

3. Endorphin creation

By exercising you create endorphins, which will make you happy.

4. Extremely Portable

You do not need a special place or an equipment to do this workout.

5. Sweet and short

It is amazing and sweet as it will take only 4 minutes of your time.

Different variations: they are not just for runners

The research of Dr. Tabata can be applied in any exercise. Cycling is amazing for applying Tabata workout.

You can use Tabata with:

– Squats
– Push ups
– Jumping rope
– Kettlebell training
– Pull up
– Any exercise you want

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Doing Tabata – step by step

Let’s go over the stages of Tabata:

1. You should begin with stretching: your muscles have to be prepared and warm. You can also do the Tabata in a warmer place.

2. Prepare your timer: you should have a clock or a timer to do the workout.

3. Run and run and run as much and as hard as you can – 20 seconds.

4. Rest: make a 10 seconds pause.

5. Do this again for 20 seconds and 10 seconds pause.

6. Do this for 6-8 sessions, for a total of 4 minutes.

7. Cooling down: slowly stretch to relax your muscles and breathe in and out.

You are done. That is it.

How often can you do Tabata sprints?

As they are very intense you can to them 2 – 3 times in a week, which is good enough. If you want you can also do yoga or weight lifting in between the Tabata sprints.

We are reminded by health experts that a lot of people want to improve their general health by brisk walking for 20 minutes daily, 3 times weekly and you won’t need any fancy equipment or money.

You can use the easy and fast Tabata sprints to be fit and healthy and have a great body. Try it, you won’t regret it.